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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A note about Malcolm Children's Foundation

In our journey of advancing secular views and enlightenment of our people about the goodness of Science. Am happy to make a brief note about one wonderful woman called Nambejja Susan. She is a fellow humanist who works with HALEA Uganda whom we all fall under the Uganda Humanist association. This young girl created an organization called Malcolm Children's Foundation.
I have of recent learnt she is currently in the United Kingdom trying to sensitize the public about an organization she founded and I applaud her for getting the whole message across to the general public in regard her organization.
Its very absurd and annoying that she started her organization after a nasty experience of losing his son called Malcolm who died of a heart related disorder after a series of challenges in an attempt to save the life of this boy but unfortunately Malcolm died after attempts of doing a surgery in India.
On the good side, there is some signs of hope with the creation of Malcolm Children's Foundation since she reckons the challenges she went through soliciting for help and just feels that several children with similar disorders continue to encounter the same ordeal she went through so she wants to save other children by favoring their conditions get fast medical attention so that life loss is minimized. In this regard, i do recommend all kind people and organizations with a passion to save lives of Uganda children with similar conditions to try as much as they can to work jointly with her organization such that the vulnerable children are attended to. I do encourage our brothers and sisters in secular communities worldwide to support this woman accomplish her goals and missions since we are together in the bandwagon of advancing secular views, humanism and the love of science in our country Uganda.
I remember having first met Susan in a series of conferences organized by Uganda Humanist Association and the East African regional conference that was organized in Kampala under the International Humanist Ethical Youth organization some years back. Her work with HALEA which is one of the vibrant secular groups here has been remarkable.
All in all, i wish Susan Nambejja the very best with Malcolm Children's Foundation and it will be our pride as Uganda humanists when we see her organization achieve some of its goals and future aspirations in some years ahead. Together we can save lives.

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