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Saturday, April 2, 2016

food cultivation at the Bizoha Site

Right now we are in a wet season just gaining momentum. At the KHPS Bizoha Property in Muhokya, the Bizoha Tractor has so far ploughed 75% of the land at the school site. It is yet also soon working on the extra 3 acres nearby plus the Bizoha Farmland.
This season we are planting more maize, beans and ground nuts which form the basic foods commonly eaten at the school. We do also have a stretch of sweet potatoes plus some greens to supplement the diet of our staff and learners.
Attached are images of our Driver plus the Farm manager who has been tasked to monitor the Tractor while in our fields plus wherever it might be hired. Also are images of the worked on land at the Bizoha Site.
Coming soon are school gardens which will be placed inside the fence to act as demonstration outdoor farming spaces.
With Science, we can progress

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