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Friday, April 25, 2014

US based donor brings smiles to KHPS Teachers

Today April 25, 2014 was closing day of the school term 1 at Kasese Humanist Primary School and students together with a section of their parents came to the school to collect their end of term 1 report cards and examinations file.

The school reopens for term 2 on 19th May 2014 and we expect all the children to turn up for this term.

On the side of the Teachers it was a time for them to show results of the children they have been teaching at the same time evaluating themselves whether the children at the school are indeed absorbing in the knowledge they are imparting to the learners.
Something special happened on this last day, The teachers were graced to receive a donation of US$60 which was a token of appreciation to the teachers for their courageous hard work at the school which came from a long time friend of the school from the United States Mr. Mario who is a father to Lylah, the young girl from KidsHeartKids Charity. The funds were sent through the Bwambale Robert, the school director who delivered the donation.
Tr.Solomon unpacking the soap box

 The funds were used to purchase a 24 bottle crate of soda, 25 Kilos of sugar, 2 dozens of toothpaste with toothbrush inclusive, two boxes of bar soap. All the 19 working staff members at the school benefitted from this donation and were handed a kilo of sugar, a bar of soap, toothpaste. To make the function colorful, the school Director contributed some funds to have the teachers eat Pilawu which is fried rice, spiced with meat and at the close of the day the teachers parted away with their final month salary pays.

Several photographs were shot and indeed the teachers were extremely happy with the gesture of someone far away to get concerned and support them. They thank Mr. Mario and the entire team at Kids Heart Kids for supporting a number of KHPS Projects and bringing a smile to their faces.

A section of teachers upon receipt of the gift
Jubilant Khps Teaching staff receiving the donated items courtesy of a US Donor
In the interest of our readers, Kids Heart Kids supports our school in feeding the chicken, boosting up the Sports team by having and continuing to donate sports uniforms and accessories, there is also a Penpal program ongoing where our children are participating in letter exchange.
Teachers enjoying a meal in the open under a tree shade


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