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Monday, April 28, 2014

Library & computer room constructions in progress@KHPS site

As the school hall awaits to be shuttered soon with its ceiling also to be worked upon plus flooring this structure, the School Director has embarked on erecting new structures and among them is a new building aimed to hold the School Library and the Computer room. This building is situated some few distance from the School hall and has got its wall attached onto the school hall on one end while on the other end encloses the pit latrine.
Foundation of the School Library & Computer room at the school site
The entire structure has dimensions of 43.5 ft wide and a width of 22.5 ft. The library alone has a size of 25.2 ft by 22.5 ft.
The builders doing their best to build up the walls, the wall sizes is thicker for maximum strength
The fact that this building is attached onto the school hall and with its other wall bypassing the toilet area makes it some sort of a perimeter fence curbing away trespassers or petty thieves that may pass through the property with their selfish motives.
Lower side wall attached to the school hall building
On the other side attached on to the nursery block is also another erection of a fence at the same time, plans are underway to build a vocational skills shelter  attached to a double sized room that might accommodate some offices. 
A mason figuring out the space to be covered by the foundation trench to be dug
fixing the foundation for the vocational skills shelter@khps
There are provisions of installing at some time rain water harvesting tanks on the nursery block and the school hall building, this is justified by the spaces that will house these tanks.

The Shutters of the School Hall building have been accomplished by the local welder and will be fixed within this week. Works on meshing up the school hall ceiling is complete and right now the carpenters are working on final works of ensuring its strength is conducive to support the sand/cement mixture that will be added at some time upon more funds availability.
Meshing up the school hall complete
A carpenter fixing the mesh wires on to the wooden form work

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