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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Secret Atheist Blog: Huge Progress at Kasese Humanist Primary School!

My Secret Atheist Blog: Huge Progress at Kasese Humanist Primary School!: Newly-built children

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Recent developments on the KHPS Property

First coat of red oxide to prevent rusting
Tresor painting the windows and doors
School hall window & ventilators finishing finalised
Work on the Kasese Humanist Primary School site is going on at a rather steady pace as we are right now covered with shuttering the entire School Hall plus the attached three classrooms. Some finishing works on the ventilators, window and door areas have also been worked on plus veranda ring the whole building.
More about the school at School website
school hall shuttered,shutters painted, veranda fixed on entire building
Some works though still remains to be done on this building as flooring works and the ceiling has not been tackled yet. Adding a coat of paint on the shutters is in progress with an intention to protect the metal doors and windows from rusting and thereafter a blue coat will be added to give the building a uniform look with the nursery block.

In an effort to maximum utilize the space for useful purposes, a fresh giant room has been created and attached on to the Nursery block which will act as a Vocational skills training workshop which will orientate vocational subjects like carpentry, basic welding, fine art and craft making to young children at the school. This room will also add value to our school motto of With Science; we can progress as the children will actively participate in creativity and innovations at making things using their own hands. The unit will possess a strong room to act as a store room and a recording room that will be used to shoot videos in the ongoing Science Q&A project. This building right now is at beam level and soon it will be at wall plate.

The string of buildings all the way from the school hall building - library – computer room – vocational room and the nursery block have created a self made perimeter fence that has cut away trespassers and wrong elements away from the school property and upon funds availability, a stretch of buildings will be created on the western side to create an enclosure so that the main entrance to the classrooms will be through gates for security reasons of school property and safety of our students. 

                                         The Vocational skills workshop
Another building that has come up on the school site is the School library plus the computer room all attached together but with separate entrances. These rooms are all spacious to cater for their purpose and right now are at wall plate.
                                            School library & Computer Room
                             Khps Library room  (right) while computer room (left)
As you can notice in the photographs, these two buildings are incomplete and as per the technique I normally use, I plan upon funds availability to plaster the two buildings such that they are protected from being damaged by the rains, but the fact that we fixed the ring beam puts us at a better position to have the building standing, plastering it adds maximum strength and longevity.

Well, in the recent disaster of flooding by the Nyamwamba River in which many people have been displaced while others lost their belongings and crops swept away. The Kasese Humanist Primary School site which has Nyamwamba river bordering it in the west side was not affected by the floods as its located on a raised area some distance from the Nyamwamba flood plain. This time again, a deposition of sand is now available in full swing and plans are underway to fetch up this huge chunks of sand to help me out in plastering and flooring the unfinished buildings. All that I may require the international community to help me out is funds to purchase cement, timber and iron sheets.

The property too supports some little farming of vegetables like tomatoes, green peppers, plantains, some maize, beans and cassava.

                                               Khps Site photos
Lastly I thank the international community most especially people from secular communities worldwide for standing with us as we try our best to take forward evidence based learning on the African continent. We are very optimistic that taking the Science and technology advancement path, our solutions on this continent will be gradually solved.

  To support this project, donate via Atheist Alliance International at the link below:
Donate to KHPS via AAI and follow the prompts.
Donate via Humanist Canada on their online donations Web form at :
Check Kasese School to donate
Support us on Causes in our ongoing fundraiser at:
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Library & computer room constructions in progress@KHPS site

As the school hall awaits to be shuttered soon with its ceiling also to be worked upon plus flooring this structure, the School Director has embarked on erecting new structures and among them is a new building aimed to hold the School Library and the Computer room. This building is situated some few distance from the School hall and has got its wall attached onto the school hall on one end while on the other end encloses the pit latrine.
Foundation of the School Library & Computer room at the school site
The entire structure has dimensions of 43.5 ft wide and a width of 22.5 ft. The library alone has a size of 25.2 ft by 22.5 ft.
The builders doing their best to build up the walls, the wall sizes is thicker for maximum strength
The fact that this building is attached onto the school hall and with its other wall bypassing the toilet area makes it some sort of a perimeter fence curbing away trespassers or petty thieves that may pass through the property with their selfish motives.
Lower side wall attached to the school hall building
On the other side attached on to the nursery block is also another erection of a fence at the same time, plans are underway to build a vocational skills shelter  attached to a double sized room that might accommodate some offices. 
A mason figuring out the space to be covered by the foundation trench to be dug
fixing the foundation for the vocational skills shelter@khps
There are provisions of installing at some time rain water harvesting tanks on the nursery block and the school hall building, this is justified by the spaces that will house these tanks.

The Shutters of the School Hall building have been accomplished by the local welder and will be fixed within this week. Works on meshing up the school hall ceiling is complete and right now the carpenters are working on final works of ensuring its strength is conducive to support the sand/cement mixture that will be added at some time upon more funds availability.
Meshing up the school hall complete
A carpenter fixing the mesh wires on to the wooden form work

Friday, April 25, 2014

US based donor brings smiles to KHPS Teachers

Today April 25, 2014 was closing day of the school term 1 at Kasese Humanist Primary School and students together with a section of their parents came to the school to collect their end of term 1 report cards and examinations file.

The school reopens for term 2 on 19th May 2014 and we expect all the children to turn up for this term.

On the side of the Teachers it was a time for them to show results of the children they have been teaching at the same time evaluating themselves whether the children at the school are indeed absorbing in the knowledge they are imparting to the learners.
Something special happened on this last day, The teachers were graced to receive a donation of US$60 which was a token of appreciation to the teachers for their courageous hard work at the school which came from a long time friend of the school from the United States Mr. Mario who is a father to Lylah, the young girl from KidsHeartKids Charity. The funds were sent through the Bwambale Robert, the school director who delivered the donation.
Tr.Solomon unpacking the soap box

 The funds were used to purchase a 24 bottle crate of soda, 25 Kilos of sugar, 2 dozens of toothpaste with toothbrush inclusive, two boxes of bar soap. All the 19 working staff members at the school benefitted from this donation and were handed a kilo of sugar, a bar of soap, toothpaste. To make the function colorful, the school Director contributed some funds to have the teachers eat Pilawu which is fried rice, spiced with meat and at the close of the day the teachers parted away with their final month salary pays.

Several photographs were shot and indeed the teachers were extremely happy with the gesture of someone far away to get concerned and support them. They thank Mr. Mario and the entire team at Kids Heart Kids for supporting a number of KHPS Projects and bringing a smile to their faces.

A section of teachers upon receipt of the gift
Jubilant Khps Teaching staff receiving the donated items courtesy of a US Donor
In the interest of our readers, Kids Heart Kids supports our school in feeding the chicken, boosting up the Sports team by having and continuing to donate sports uniforms and accessories, there is also a Penpal program ongoing where our children are participating in letter exchange.
Teachers enjoying a meal in the open under a tree shade


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

KidsHeartKids Charity donates soccer uniforms to KHPS

Kasese Humanist Primary School  has today 2nd April 2014 received Soccer Sports Uniform for the School team that has been donated by KidsHeartKids charity based in the United States. It should be noted that this charity has not only helped the school soccer team with uniforms but is engaged in supporting the Schools poultry project by feeding the chicken and this is done by remitting some funds monthly to purchase the feeds.
Jovial free thinkers who make up the School Team pose for a photograph at the school

Another bigger program courtesy of this charity is the successful Letter Exchange Program that has thrilled students at Kasese Humanist Primary School who have benefited a lot since we initiated it at the school, now children freely communicate to their pen pals overseas giving them chance to improve on their letter writing capabilities, culture norms, differences, lifestyles and way of living and school life in Uganda and the United states.
Participants in the letter exchange program upon receipt of their return letters

 KHPS children have received scholastic supplies, Arts & Designs tools, learning materials and an electric bell which have been used meaningfully at the school. Today’s package of the Uniforms was received by the School Director who collected them at the Kasese Post Office and delivered them to the school Games Master who thereafter displayed the uniforms to the school team.
KHPS Soccer Team 2014

The children at the school were extremely happy and thankful for all the support Kids Heart Kids continue to extend to the school. The Soccer team couldn't wait to put them on. On behalf of the School I thank KidsHeartKids for continuing to support KHPS, indeed you are bringing smiles to me and the children.I was so grateful to see the engravings of the School Logo, Foundation Beyond Belief, KidsHeartKids and Lake Charles Free thinkers.
I salute you all.Your support to this cause will favor my School Team to look uniform and smart while in the playing field. Bwambale Robert Musubaho (School Director KHPS)

Thursday, February 13, 2014