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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update on the Classroom constructions@Khps home

Classroom construction exercise kicked off some a week ago commencing with putting in place Nursery Classes to accommodate younger children aged between 3 - 6 years. The block comprises 3 units to house pupils in Baby, Middle and Upper Class.

The building is made from local available building materials and the construction phase is moving on very well. So far the structure by the end of tomorrow 22nd December 2013 will be at wall plate awaiting to be roofed.

Timbers for roofing has been procured and have been delivered at the site. A ring beam has been applied on the entire building to ensure maximum strength and stability of the building.
Funds to purchase iron sheets are also available and strictly colored sheets will be put on the roof.
Arrangements have been made to have the building top be done between 26th - 29th of this month.

A pictorial of the latest images captured on the KHPS Nursery Classroom construction is as below:
Carrying the metal bars at the site
Building now at the wall plate
Back view of the wall at wall plate awaiting to be roofed
A photo shot to show the ring beam, actual size of the classroom, size of window and the ventilators

Builders ferrying timbers for the ring beam
Fixing the ring beam
Builders carrying the metal bars to make the ring beam
Ring beam fixed

Vehicle delivers timbers for the beam
A truck delivers timbers to aid in making the entire roof where iron sheets will rest on

You can get involved and support this project online at Kasese Humanist School fundraiser

Volunteers to participate in future constructions of more classrooms are also welcome. In case you are interest to volunteer as a builder, mason, electrician, plumber or landscape designer. Write to the School Director on  Email  School Email address

More buildings are going to be constructed in more months ahead. Keep following and supporting our project so that secular minds are nurtured in a conducive environment for our students.

More information about the school are available at KHPS School Website

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