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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Colourful debate held at Kasese Humanist Primary School

The KHPS Debating Club yesterday held a colorful debate which was held as usual on a friday afternoon at the school campus.

The motion was Universal Education has done more harm than good

It should be noted that the Ugandan government introduced Universal Primary Education and of recent Universal Secondary School Education where the government has aided government schools and some selected private institutions to enforce this program.

However, its on record that though many Ugandan children have got chance to be in these schools, alot needs to be accomplished as the Quality of education in government aided schools where Universal Education program is in progress shows some weaknesses but on the other side its a good step towards the journey of ensuring Ugandans get literacy and escape the bondage of poverty, disease and ignorance.

The children debated very well and the function was well attended by the KHPS Teaching Staffs, an official from RWECO Organization which is implementing a program of teaching english in schools where Kasese Humanist Primary School is among the selected few schools participating in this program.

All those who came to the floor to debate about the motion were awarded with gifts (books) courtesy of Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO).
Below are photographs taken on that event.

                                        The chairman, proposers and opposers crew at the front

                                        A RWECO Official awarding gifts to active debaters

                                        The children listening attentively to one of the debater
The chief Guest from RWECO giving the children tips for better debating and the goodness of learning or participating in debating

On another note, a fundrasier is on to raise funds aimed at building classrooms on the purchased land for Kasese Humanist Primary School located in Rukoki in Nyamwamba divison after Kasese Airfield. The fundraiser is managed by The Godless Poutine in conjunction with Atheist Alliance International.
Join us and spread the message so that we realise our goal. Check out our fundraising page and get involved here:

Building classrooms fundraiser for Kasese Humanist Primary School,Uganda