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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kasese Humanist Botanic Gardens' photostream

a photo across the gardenrobert in the gardenspalm tree plant growingKHBG PhotosBwambale's wife ontour of the khbgKHBG Photos
Beans and maize wing at khbgUpper part of the gardenslower part of the gardensFort Portal Mpondwe roadorange treeseedlings for umbrella trees
Zea MaysMangifera indica speciesJack fruit seedlingsAvocado seedsRobert poses for a photo in KHBGManihot esculenta
a section of the gardens

Check out latest news in photos about what is taking place at Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens. Remember this project is being done in phases. The fruit trees are already growing. Palm trees are growing gradually while the thorny shrubs to offer the hedge to surround the gardens are still germinating in the nursery bed at the site.
Fellow friend, support me in my cause so that i put in place a nice and attractive botanical gardens to match other botanical gardens we see in other places.
Visit the gardens website to know more on how you can donate.

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