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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Renovation works at KHPS 2012

Renovations on the classroom extension structure  is in progress at the school. The unit has been painted Orange and white. Many thanks to Atheist Alliance International for supporting our school. More thanks to all free thinkers the world over most especially the Child Sponsors who have contributed generously to our cause. "With Science,we can progress" is our school Motto
The school Dormitory

Photo of Some Kids at the school sharing Happy moments!

The extension building now has 4 class room and these have been partitioned, floored and doors painted. Partitioning was done using Ply woods and Chalk Boards amounting to 4 have been fixed on to the walls.
Chalk Boards Painted, Each class has got a Chalk Board and 4 of these have been fixed in the different classes.

More Photos on our Flickr Account, check our school website for the Link to direct you to our Flickr Account.

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