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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lets preserve, conserve & protect the environment

Kasese Humanist Primary School is going to erect a  fresh Tree on the roof top of its Administrative Office, plans are in progress putting in place a shelter on the roof top and this time its not going to be an iron roof but a tree shade. The tree is going to be planted in the already constructed tree enclosure which has been fixed on top of the School Administration Office courtesy of  The School Founder Bwambale Robert. He  donated  a bag of cement plus all the bricks to this cause and in addition he has provided a tree plus a number of flowers to put in the tins which are being placed at the extreme corners on the roof top.
The tree symbolizes our strong commitment to preserving nature and protecting the Environment. Upon completion the Tree Enclosure plus the strategically placed tins will accommodate the soil and a fresh tree plus  flowers will be planted in there. Both the tin and the Tree enclosure  will be painted and messages will be added on to them.
Below are some picture shots showing the progress of the work.

Below is a Photo showing the Plastered Tree Enclosure with some vents at either sides all over to facilitate aeration of the soil micro organisms as we shall be adding soil rich in manure to facilitate the tree to survive.

The picture below shows the front view of the added structure as it appears  above on the Administration Office. To get to know more about the school, visit the school website at

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