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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kasese Humanist Primary School has received a donation of a Printer, Mats & some scholastic supplies from Ms Jenny Julien based in Miami Forida in the United States of America.
The donation was delivered to the school through the School Director  Bwambale Robert who displayed the computer printer plus all the donated gifts to the pupils. The school Director thanked Jenny Julien for the donation and also told the gathering that the school is going to be having electricity soon as wiring of the class room blocks, the Laboratory plus the school office is now complete.
What is limiting right now is the funds amounting to $200 US needed by the Uganda Electricity Board (UMEME) for a fresh connection. The school director is encouraging friends of Kasese Humanist Primary School to continue supporting the school materially and financially as the school still needs computers for learning on, more text books and improving on the meals offered to the teachers and the children plus improving on the salaries we give to our teachers.
Below are photos of the event when the Printer plus the donated gifts being shown to the children at the school campus.

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