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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update on second term 2011 at kasese humanist primary school

Pupils at Kasese Humanist Primary School have begun sitting for mid-term examinations which is a paper released by nationwide examination setters authorized to set examinations to Ugandan Schools.
A total of 230 pupils at the school this term are now busy in their exams that are to be done up to friday 01 this week .
Right now at the school durings  Games Time, our students are busy practising Music so that we tap out those talented in the field of music so we can  set up a School Choir. This Choir is going to be releasing music that we intend to put on CDs in MP3 and MP4 formats and this can generate income which can help in boosting the school.  However we still use the local drums and we could require modern music equipments.
The international community is encouraged to assist in supporting the school such that we accomplish our goals of promoting free thought in style and disapprove those who think that being Atheist or Humanist is not good, what matters is to look at our selves as humans and that is it!,we have to look at ways of making life better for all Humanity irrespective of your beliefs,where you come from,where you are black,white,coloured etc .
You can Sponsor a child in our school as a means of supporting the school. A Child Sponsorship Form has been placed on our website so you can fill out the form and submit it then we shall communicate back to you. The link is here below: and an update of the list indicating children already sponsored plus those awaiting sponsorship is on this very website too, the link to the page is at the link below:
A second parents meeting is planned for next weekend on Sunday 10th July  2011.
We are in the 5th Week of second term and we have 7 more weeks towards end of Second Term.
I send deep thanks to all friends and organizations that have stood by our side and help in supporting our school. I can not thank person by person, that is the reason i have put the information on our school website.

"Working for the Betterment of Humanity"

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