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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Renovation exercise of the Staff Toilets at the kasese humanist school

Kasese Humanist Primary school in an effort to strengthening the school hygiene is currently
putting in place a Staff Toilet.
Currently both the children and the member of staffs were utilizing the 3 Door Toilet that was
constructed in the late months of November last year as the school was making initial
preparations of the school site.
The fact that the building properties were formerly being used by workers of the defunct
Uganda Railways Corporation, they had their own toilets but lacked a proper sewage system,
the pipes were blocked, dilapidated and rusty and bushes could be noticed around the housing
properties. The collapse of the company caused all the social infrastructure in this area and
many parts where they had railway stations to collapse. All the services came to a stand still and
those who remained occupying those houses didn't care in maintaining them. Also owing to the
high level of poverty, unemployment worsened the situation.
As we were laying out plans to construct a new toilet to be used by our staffs at the school, we
identified the pipes that were taking the wastes to an unknown Septic Tank which was finally
discovered just adjacent to the pit latrine that we had put earlier and the presence of this septic
Tank is good news to able us not to incur lots of expenses as all that is needed is to remove the
contents in that tank and leave it empty, re-cementing the inside part of the tank and also
building around the two openings of this Septic Tank plus renovation work on the toilets
I am appealing to Friends of Kasese Humanist Primary School where ever they might be to assist
us in donating to the school so that we put every thing in the right order. The Uganda Ministry
of Education & Sports encourages school establishment to have separate toilets for the Staff
from that of the students.
You can watch a video clip of the septic tank at the KUHA SCHOOL PROJECT on You Tube at the link below:

Below is a photo of the proposed Staff Toilet, in the Photograph Bwambale Robert, The School
Director is seen keeping a watch as labourers do their work of tracing the path taken by the
underground sewage pipes.

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