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Friday, December 3, 2010

New school site

Photos of the new school site that needs to be renovated to suit classrooms that can accommodate our pupils
This after renovation will serve as a school office and a library

 This above will serve as classroom blocks for the pupils, an estimate of six rooms will be realized upon completion of renovation
 The photograph above shows the general picture of the school site. At the front end is going to accommodate the playing field for the school
We need free thinkers all over the world to support us materially or financially so that we have the school set up.
Materially we need:
Books  ( Local and international )
1 Computer
1 Lawn Mower to ensure good hygiene and sanitation of our school compound & playing field.
1 Photocopier & Printer

Financial donations can be send through Atheist Alliance International and vital information in regard to this can be got by following the link

Cheques payable to Kasese united humanist association are also welcome.

Thanks so much for all your support

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