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Sunday, December 12, 2010

kasese humanist primary school school badge

News update about the KUHA SCHOOL PROJECT
Kasese Humanist Primary School will be opening its doors to the pupils with effect from Early February . A school badge has been designed by one of the Atheist Alliance International Volunteers 2010 by the names Edan  together with Bwambale Robert the Founder of Kasese united humanist association plus Edison, the KUHA Chairman.
Description of the badge:
Its in a circular shape depicting the Globe, Microscope for science, Books for learning, Humanist symbol the official logo for Kasese united humanist association (the owners of the school) and the name of the school appears on the Upper halve while the School motto lies on the lower halve and an animated shape of a young child can be imagined spreading his hands depicting his yearning for knowledge and in the middle of this child lies the Atom symbol.
The School Badge:

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