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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recent developments at Kasese united humanist association

About the Public Library:
The library is now operational and the community people are complimenting our innovation,though the number of readable materials on the shelves are still small,we still appeal for more readable resources.The struggle to dessiminate knowledge into our people isn't for KUHA alone but for all of us so we still request for book donations from friends,welwishers.
We would like also to place a computer in this library because it will help us in keeping data on the books,magazines and newsletter records at the same time helping our organization in its office work,we also require a Printer, a scanner or a Photocopier.All these are vital requirements in a modern library.

Association Bank Account:
Kasese united humanist association has opened a bank account in our names,this bank account is a necessity just like any other institutions or persons for it will help us in keeping our Associations funds,easing remmittance of international funds from friends,sympathisers and welwishers.
Our Account was opened with POSTBANK UGANDA, Kasese Branch
Account Name: Kasese United Humanist association
Account Number: 2110031000025

Publicity of our association:
We have installed a Sign post along the main road (Kasese - Mbarara road) to display our name and what we stand for.Another signpost has been placed just opposite our office.The purpose of this is to guide our vistors not to get lost and at the same time letting the world know of our existence.Our people still know little about being a Humanist but we are optimistic once they read and discover what humanist values and ethics is all about we shall succeed and transform the kasese community into a better place.

Income Generating Activity for KUHA
Our members in our first meeting early this month proposed that since we are a new organization and have not secured any funding both locally and internationaly,there was a need to put in place an activity where the association can be tapping some little shillings to help in the running of day to day activities and office maintenance.
Members proposed a Parties & Functions Equipments for Hire service.The items to be purchased for usage were as follows: Plastic Chairs, Tents , Plates , 2 Plastic Water tanks, 5 Bigsize Sauce pans.These items are to be hired at events by people in our community and at the same time our organization can still use them when it has functions.
With the funds so far raised we have started with 46 Plastic chairs.
Soon we are still drafting a proposal to forward to our friends to request them to help us in this activity because if at all we have a good financial background then work in implementing our activities will be easy because we need to hold seminars,print brochures,pay our workers,provide allowances to our colleagues going into the field,we plan to sponsor programs on local radio stations especially those on matters of Human rights, Environment and Health.

Compiled by :
Bwambale Robert
Kasese United Humanist Association

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