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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our current activities

- The Association has set up a Public Library which is now open to the general public.
- We are promoting Free inquiry, humanism and free thought to people in our community.
-  We are holding regular meetings with our members educating them about humanism, free thought and sciences.These meetings are held twice in a month,every first and last sunday in a month.
- We are promoting  sciences among students and pupils by availing to them access to science books and we are planning to be holding seminars,debates on the uselfulness and goodness of science in boosting development.
- We are raising a voice on all forms of injustices, discrimination against our people especially on domestic matters, Civil liberties, Homophobia and Human rights freedoms.
- We are engaged in establishment of Nursery beds and so far we have got one nursery seed bed in Bukangara along Bwera-Kasese Road. One of our members has provided a 13 acre piece of land to help our association in utilising it for Tree Nursery beds,we plan setting up a Botanical garden, practicing organic farming,promote eco-tourism on this land,its situated in Bugoye sub-county,Busongora North in Kasese district.
- We are  lobbying for assistance from western donor nations to support the less privileged and vulnerable persons like orphans, street children, disabled persons and widows.The assistance sought is needed to cater for the provision of basic needs for these people.
- We are supporting our members by offering advice, skills on how to run income generating activities and looking for them better markets for their products.  Some of our members are engaged in small scale poultry, goat keeping and Bee keeping.
- We have established a Parties & functions equipments for hire service to act as an income generating venture for the Association in which we help people having events and functions to use our Chairs.The association is yet to purchase Plates,sauce pans and Tents for hire so that this service accomodates well the needs of our people.

- We have managed to create some friends of our association with international organizations based in USA,UK and Australia.
- Opening up of the Public Library which is now in operation ready to offer knowledge on science and freethought readable contents.
-  Nursery beds to provide the tree species are now in place though we still seeds and seedlings.
- Registration of the Association with the local authorities.
Certified documents of our organization:
- We have our office on plot 31 matebere road.
- A Post office box serving  as a Mailing address is in place.
- Our blog on the worlwide web is operational and can be accessed any time,any where worldwide.
- We now have a Bank Account in the names of our organization.
- Our membership enrolment is gradually increasing since we started mid last year (2009).

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