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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Donate to Kasese united humanist association Library

Donate to Kasese united humanist association Library
Its a wise idea taking your time and donate books,magazines,periodicals,newsletters and journals to our association as these items will help thousands of people in kasese district yearning to know Science and Free thought.
Its a wise idea especially among we humanists,atheists,agnostics and other rationalists in general with lots of books in our personal bookshelves not respond to a such call like this one to help those who need also to get knowledge which actually is the foundation of our idealogy.
Our Public library is going to be a beneficiary of books donated by Books Abroad Organization and this is going to strengthen our book bank as its gonna help us get access to books on a wide variety of subjects.
You can Help our Book Appeal Campaign in any of these ways
- Get a book off your personal book library or shelf ,bring or send to us.
- In case you belong to a group, you can volunteer and collect those books and send them to us.
- You can also help our association by putting us on the mailing list of a certain newsletter, journals or magazine.
- You can help us pay for subscription costs to a book or magazine company in your locality and instruct the company to be sending to us copies by post mail.
- You can go ahead and support our library grow by aiding us financially.We now have a Bank Account in the names of Kasese united humanist association and incase you have such kind of support,write to us for full bank details on our email
Contact Information for the Library
All letters or packages to our book mobilization campaigns should be addressed as below:
The Library Section,
Kasese united humanist association
P.O.Box 58
East Africa

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