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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Appeal Campaign still goes on at KUHA

Kasese united humanist association public library
Kasese united humanist association has been mobilising book resources on Humanism,Freethought and Sciences since june 2009 and so far the campaign has been going on smoothly though only a section of friends have assisted.
Our Director of the association has made lots of appeal requests to individuals and organizations,good enough those with a kind attitude have responded while others have just kept a deaf ear to our request but we are optimistic more assistance will come in after we have opened this library late this month of Feb 2010.
Importances of this library
- Its going to act as a resource centre to offering knowledge about Humanism and free thought.
- Its going to reduce on iddleness and redundancy among our youths as they will be engaged in reading our literatures.
- People utilising this library will realise that indeed Humanist principles,mode of life,Humanist values are indeed the best for we aim at shaping our people into free people with free minds,free from dogma and indoctrination.
- This library will be a meeting point of people giving them chance to interract with each other in sharing ideas.
- This library is going to act a research centre to all those who still can believe that man really  using his reasoning capabilities can make this world a better place,many books in stock can therefore be in position to provide answers to controversial issues especially concerning Science and Religion.
Donate to Kasese united humanist association Library
Its a wise idea taking your time and donate books,magazines,periodicals,newsletters and journals to our association as these items will help thousands of people in kasese district yearning to know Science and Free thought.
Its a wise idea especially among we humanists,atheists,agnostics and other rationalists in general with lots of books in our personal bookshelves not respond to a such call like this one to help those who need also to get knowledge which actually is the foundation of our idealogy.
You can Help our Book Appeal Campaign in any of these ways
- Get a book off your shelf ,bring or send to us.
- In case you belong to a group you can choose someone to collect those books and send to us.
- A kind person can also help our association be put on the mailing list of their newsletter and journals.
- Be kind and help us pay for subscription costs to a book or magazine company in your locality to allow our association be put on the mailing list to start receiving those reading materials for example we could love to be reading latest Humanist magazines and periodicals from around the world.
More books needed in the subjects listed below:
- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Home economics, Small business books, Leisure magazines,  Scientific journals, Humanist magazines, Geography books, Medical periodicals and journals.
Contact Information for the Library
All letters or packages to our book mobilization campaigns should be addressed as below:
The Library Section,
Kasese united humanist association
P.O.Box 58
East Africa

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