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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is Being a HUMANIST ?

What is a Humanist ?
A Humanist is a person who choses to live a lifestyle of using reasoning as a major tool in solving worldly problems with no attachment to a super natural intervention.humanists strongly believe that the use of the mind has got answers to solving problems and puzzles we encounter in life.Reasoning is the process of thinking about things in a logical,scientific and philosophical way,the Brain does this work.
Below are some of the things that makes humanists so special:
- Humanists take full control of their lives and they donot think of supernaturals to be incharge of lives for example donot believe in gods,spirits.
- Humanists believe that moral ideas arose in the course of evolution,humanists strongly believe humans have a role to play in shaping morals in society,its concerned with improving happiness and welfare of the entire human race and have got a belief that human effort alone can make this world a better place,Humanists are encouraged to participate in developmental activities by being active in all they are doing.
- Humanists respects the scientific world and encourages all people to back science by promoting it for it explains well all that is in this universe,its formation,people's origin and all the things that have made man understand this universe is through science.It should be noted that most scientists are humanists for example Darwin of Origin of Species,Galileo who made the first Telescope,Socrates,Huxley,Richard Dawkins,Thomas Paine to mention but afew.
- Humanists do not belief that there is a life after death as it is among the religious faithfuls and with Humanists they belief that when some one dies,he or she decomposes and the fleshy parts becomes soil,the bones may also with time decompose and the mineralogical componets get incorparated in the soil.We have a belief that the mind and body make up a person and there is no way you can separate the two so when you die that is the end of your life on earth.
- humanists try to keep their thinking  and have no monopoly over knowledge nor nobody is a custodian of knowledge and they believe humans do make mistakes.We dont just accept things any how for there is chance of asking why,where,when,how and which in an attempt to study something fully,there is room to question why something has happened,what caused it,where it was caused,who was behind that thing etecetra.
- Humanists will always believe in something that has vivid tangible evidence and this is the reason why most people has looked the other side most especially those believing in Devine revelations for example if there is an earthquake stricking in some part,a humanist will not get surprised but will just know that is due to Earth shaking and areas with fault line (weak joints) has caused this,if there is a volcano we will not get surprised for we know that the innermost layer core is very hot and possibly the existence of a fault or a vent favored this to happen.
- Humanists enjoy life to the fully and have got no stress of thinking about hell or heaven,they do not believe in either of these,dont belief in people with wings (angels),un seen things (spirits), Myths ,Dreams,Satan (spirit) to mention but afew so minus all this life becomes good for a humanist.
Humanists advocates for doing good things for man kind, no seggregation,are compassionate people,advocate for observance of democtratic system of governments,are against beliefs in all forms of superstition.
Would you also like to become a Humanist?
The choice is yours but my advice is do what your mind tells you to do,after all you have got some facts about who Humanists are? ,what they are for ?
Well,we welcome you to be part of us and in case you feel you wanted to belong to a community of Humanists,Feel free and send to us an email,write to

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