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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Philosophical differences between Science & Religion

The world we are living in is facing real hard time between the religious and scientific world and as a matter of fact these two do not match,some thing that poses a real danger to our universe,humanity and the environment:
Below are some of the observations separating the two:
- Science addresses only the naturally ocuring phenomena and has no attachment to belief in a personal god or a supernatural being while for any thing to be qualified as a religion it should have an attachment to a supernatural being a god or gods,heaven,hell,holy ghosts,angels etc.
- Religion derives its belief  system from "Devine revelation" and from "inner conviction" for example its believed that the authors of the bible were prophets who were inspired by the holy spirit and that these spirits directed them on what to write through dreams while science derives its laws from real- world experimentation,through mathematical and logical reasoning.It should be noted that scientists analyse natural phonomena,do experiments in the laboratories,study their findings and design and prove their findings.
- In science there is no believing in something without seeing it physically ie there is a neccesity of evidence for one to believe something  where as among religions there is no chance to ask inquisitive questions otherwise one risk to be labeled as belonging to the devil moreover such a person would be looking forward for an explanation on something he or she does not know.
- The religious individual strives to behave "morally" in order to please God and to gain heavenly reward while the science minded individual derives his or her ethical system from the real-world consequences of his actions upon others and upon himself.This action among religionists have put them in funny moods and has led to hypocrisy among the believers presenting a face value that they are fully committed to obeying the laws or commandments.
- Where as a science knowledgeable person will try and draw explanations for all the events taking place on our planet and in the galaxies like the falling of meteorites,earth quakes,tsunamies and tornados,volcanicity,falling of rain to mention but afew, For a religious person would just conclude when any of the events surface ;that its God who has sent them.Lets take an example of a falling rain,can some one convince that its sent by a supernatural when science has got better explanations for rain formation via relief,convectional,land & sea breeze and vegetation cover.
- In the world of science,its not a one man's show for any one is free to criticize and carry on his own experiments,do research on anything he or she feels is not satisfied with and in case this happens new theories and evidence in case of errors made earlier by original scientists can be corrected and give chance to new theories replacing older theories.This one under religions there is no cristism of the Teachings and one would again be labelled a sinner or devilish,"Holy Books" as they are called have lived for centuries but because of sections among believers still we do notice some variations for example the Jewish Bible is not like the King James version and the same is to the Jehovahs witness bible and the New International Version (NIV),These actions of criticisms led to disintegration paving way to sects for example among the Christian church has got many divisions under one leader CHRIST. originally catholics,then protestants,orthodox,adventists,baptists,methodists,presybeterians,born-again christians or Evangelicals,jehovahs witness and each of these thought see Jesus christ as their leader but the teachings in these churches arent the same and each section sees itself as the only one with a connection to heaven.It should be noted that also Catholicism have divided into Conservative catholics,Charismatic catholics and Reformed catholics.
- Scientists strongly believe that we human beings are a product of nature and we came to be what we are as a product of evolution,We developed from a single cell which was originally a matter.Scientists went on to even design laws that are scientifically proven that backs this for example the Law stating that "Matter can neither be created nor destroyed".Nature operates on natural laws for example all the natural catastrophies are governed by nature alone and have no cordination to a supernatural.
We as people who share this planet together,why all these differences,why can we come together and live as a single entity and concentrate on things that will make us "one people".This might be a hard thing to achieve as each side is pulling on its side but special thanks to our Government of the Republic of Uganda,it has put much emphasis on the promotion of science education in schools and this is a good idea because it will reveal all the facts,our people should be encouraged that science is a dynamic subject and each day new theories and discoveries are made,new inventions are made as well and in this era of  information age let science explain it all !.
From my research about Science and religion,i read that Early scientists who designed laws,made inventions for example Galileo and Isaac Newton,Darwin,Huxley had a rough time with creationists but all the same they had a losing battle for science still governs the world and its here to stay.
Readers of this article can send in their thoughts,comments,additions and subtractions on what needs to be done between these two rivals,just email
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