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Monday, February 15, 2010

Information about Uganda

National Flag
The flag of Uganda was adopted in 1962. The black color identifies Uganda as a black nation of Africa, the yellow represents the abundant sunshine Uganda enjoys being situated on the equator, and the red represents the brotherhood of Ugandans with the rest of Africa and the world. The crested crane, the national bird of Uganda, adorns the center of the flag and stands on one leg facing the flag pole. The raised leg symbolizes that Uganda is not stationary but moving forward.
Official Bird - The Crested Crane
The Crested Crane is the official bird of Uganda. The three colors of Uganda, black, yellow, and red, are contained in it's plumage. It is a friendly, gentle and peace loving bird, characteristics which are certainly true of the Ugandan people. It is a crime punishable by imprisonment to kill a Crested Crane.


Country (long form)
Republic of Uganda
Tourist assets
Mountains,rivers,lakes,forests,wildlife,meseums,traditioal historical sites,people,towns,villages,hot sun,waterfalls,birds etc
English (official), Luganda, Swahili, Bantu languages, Nilotic languages
Roman Catholic , Protestant , Muslim ,Evangelicals,Bahai, indigenous beliefs & non believers
Life Expectancy
39.98 male, 40.6 female (1996)
Infant mortality rate, 1997
99 (per 1,000 live births)
Average family income
320 US$
Ugandan shillings (USh)
sugar, brewing, tobacco, cotton textiles, cement, Tea
coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, cassava (tapioca), potatoes, corn, millet,pulses; beef, goat meat, milk, poultry
Minerals and Resources
copper, cobalt, limestone, salt,gold,petroleum etc

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