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Friday, November 13, 2009

KUHA Beliefs,Plans and Objectives


kasese united humanist association(kuha) is devoted to spread humanism among people of kasese and its neighbourhoods. Kuha is working hand in hand with Uganda Humanist Association in its efforts towards promoting the humanist movement.

Kuha’s identity is clearly described in our constitution. KUHA~s main aim is to promote a freethinking vision of social, cultural and ethical values among young and old people of kasese area and western Uganda in general.We are more interested in a visionary world of sciences and free thinking and skepticism.We highly respect REASONING by utilising the potential of using reasoning as a major tool in solving human problems thereby making life good and worthy living in total happiness forever.

KUHA's beliefs

- Human beings possess the potential power to solve problems by reasoning.

- Human beings are a part of nature; all forms of the supernatural are myth.

- Human beings have the capacity or strength to choose good over evil without the expectation of reward in another life and the brain of humans is more advanced and has got the potential to guide him or her whatsoever.

- Human beings attain good life by continuous self-development and determination to work and can contribute to the welfare of the community.

- We believe in democratic procedures and procedures in government.

-We believe in freedom of expression and civil liberties and we have got strong commitment to advocate for peoples rights and freedoms,we are against human rights violations and abuses by people.

- We respect Science discovery and technology and we strongly believe this can contribute to the betterment of human life on this planet plus other planets and galaxies.

- We believe in supporting the disadvantaged to help themselves and enjoy their life,our target people are street children,orphans,widows, widowers plus those people from poor back grounds.

- We fully support existence and promotion of sciences in schools and its our hope that more people take full involvement and participation in sciences especially practical hand skills.


· To educate our people about free thought.

· To advocate for human rights and making sure our members are fully aware about their basic human rights and freedoms of speech,choice,gathering etc.

· To oppose oppressive religions, cultures and dogmas that keep both men and women in massive indoctrination.

· To encourage moral excellence, positive relationships, human dignity, compassion and cooperation amongst our people.

· To seek ways of solving problems of life without the dogmatic authority of secular religious institutions but instead using reasoning and knowledge of science to solve the problems.

· To eradicate or alleviate poverty amongst people in our community which is so high.Our country Uganda is rated among the poorest countries of the world yet naturally gifted with abundant resources.

. To promote Education of the girl child who have been left behind in most African societies.Very little emphasis has been put on girls going into school because of Traditional-cultural and religious beliefs being imposed on our people.

. To promote science education in Ugandan schools,we are targeting to have young people in primary,secondary and higher institutions of learning;love and get motivated to do sciences.

KUHA's Plans

· To carry out AIDS control campaign and awareness among the youths in kasese area and parts of western Uganda.

· To promote the welfare of young girls and boys through establishing secular schools that will provide them with employment and practical skills and also telling them better options to get involved in less risky busineses.

· To help our members enjoy their life on earth by counseling and involving them in self-help projects as earlier on mentioned under Kuha Planned Projects.

· To carry out seminars and workshops in schools and tertiary institutions in order to promote humanism in form of scientific and philosophical approach.

· To open up a fully equiped well stocked library with lots of readable materials of books ,magazines,journals and newsletters on a wide range of topics ranging from Free thought,Science literature to social economic and political books.

· To set up a humanist vocational institute to offer both secondary school education and vocational subjects like typing,tailoring,carpentry,electrical and electronic engineering,Auto Mechanics in kasese district areas.

. To set up an Orphanage Center to cater for the welfare of disadvantaged children.

KUHA’s history

Kasese united humanist association was founded two years ago in April 2007. The initiative for starting KUHA was developed by Mr Bwambale Robert who is a biological scientist and a former student of Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo now renamed Kyambogo University.He holds an Ordinary Diploma majoring in Biological Sciences.

He initiated the association in the year 2007 under a name called kasese freethinkers union and in the year 2009 he got united with some colleagues who had an interest in humanism hailing from kasese district area and formed an association named Kasese United Humanist Association abbreviated as KUHA.

KUHA got registered in April 2009 and was registered by the Kasese Town Council plus Kasese District Development Network as a community based organisation.This gave us legitimacy to perform our duties in line with the operations of non profit,non governmental organisations.

Kasese united humanist association`s registration number is CBO/223

We are governed by a constitution and have got an Executive Board that is fully elected by the members and as the association embarks on its proposed programs there will be a need to get elected officers and workers to help us in running the organisation.

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