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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Humanism in Western Uganda

Humanism is still a new phenomenon to our people in Western Uganda and most of the people have never heard about it and are hearing it for the first time.

Western Uganda is a wide area covering many districts like Kasese,Fort-Portal ,Bundibugyo ,Mbarara, Bushenyi ,Ntungamo,Kyenjojo,Kamwenge,Ibanda and Rukingiri.
The main reason why little is known about Humanism is historical for example Uganda is a former colony of Britain and there has been dominance of faiths of Anglicans(Church of Uganda),Catholics, Adventists, Orthodox , Jehovahs witnesses ,Baptists ,Methodists ,Bahai ,Pentecostal churches and Islam .some Ugandans have become conservatives and resorted to African religion .Each of these mentioned faiths have invested a lot in establishing schools ,hospitals and health centers, orphanages while others have well established charity and relief organizations.
There has been widespread indoctrination in all these places and our people over the years have been forced indirectly to follow certain beliefs and believe in them without giving them chance to live in a free skeptical environment to express their own thoughts and explore what is good or bad for them and its only a very wise person who can figure out the logic behind all this.So KUHA needs high effort and strong support both materially and financially to counter interract the afore mentioned investiments by the historical dominancy of faiths.
This indoctrination over the ages has left most of our people blind folded, lagging behind in economic development because there is a lot going on and poverty is at its peak,there is a lot of belief in miracles ,magics ,witchcraft

Humanism presents a solution to all these set backs as it will have people believe in working so hard to make life better because if our people could utilize Reasoning as a major tool in solving day to day problems instead of believing in getting help from other sources without ones determination to utilize the knowledge he or she is having.

Humanism can help our people in several ways as indicated below:
(a)People need to taught about the their basic human rights as in accordance with global demands of observing peoples human rights of which our country Uganda is a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

(b)The Student community have to be encouraged to take keen interest doing sciences and science related courses or subjects both in primary ,secondary and higher institutions of higher learning.
Scientists have played a significant role in transforming peoples lives including even those from religious and non religious communities because we all find things made by scientists so beneficial for example Drugs ,auto mobiles ,Mobile phones ,Air crafts etc and the list is endless.

(c)There is a need to fight against witchcraft and belief in Magic Powers because all these have no good thing in them as they retard development.
Witchcraft in Uganda is so rampant almost in all corners around the country but most dominant in Rural areas like parts of Bunyoro ,Bundibugyo ,Bunyaruguru to mention but a few.

(d)There is a need to invest a lot in Environmental Management because it’s a worldly problem affecting all corners around the globe.
The environment is changing from good to worse and this has been brought about by mans activities in the name of development like construction of roads ,towns ,cutting down trees for timber and charcoal burning ,mining which has destroyed the earth strata deforming the environment ,clearing of wet-lands, use of second hand cars ,fridges which emit carbon dioxide that is very dangerous to the atmosphere and people; and the use of polyethene bags which has become a menace to the soil structure ,Un necessary and un called for Wars which are still evident in most parts of Africa and my country in general where bombs ,gun shots, gun ships, mortars ,missiles release dangerous fumes that contaminate the atmosphere there by raising global temperatures and falling of Acidic Rain which is dangerous to us humans and the soils.

(e)There is a necessity for our people to be taught how to work and save and invest.
Most African people lack saving and investing culture.

Even those who are blessed with jobs still a small fraction of them know where to invest and where to save the funds .There has been at least some progress in the field of banking in Uganda as banks now exists in all the corners of Uganda.

In conclusion ,Kasese united humanist association is determined to help our people grow up into resourceful people for our country and the entire world in general.

We only have challenges in mobilizing finances so that we engage our programs as we plan to have workshops,seminars,school visits,village tours and telling our people to wake up and join us.

We plan to work hand in hand with Uganda Humanist association which is the national association over seeing the activities of Uganda humanists, Kasese District Development Network KADD-NET umbrella for Kasese district Non Governmental Organizations and the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Written by:
Bwambale Robert

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