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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Facts on Sciences and Our Planet Earth


Natural Law:

Natural law is based upon the limited nature of existence.Every entity has a specific nature,specific characteristics,that determines thecharacteristics capacity of that entity.

Taking examples of plants,they do not have capacity to think as humans,also humans do not have the capacity to photosynthesize.The capacities,abilities and potential actions of an existing living or non living organism are dependent on its characteristics and since they are always determinate and specific to their resulting capacities are also determinate and specific.

All these constitute the foundation of Natural law.

The primacy of existence is clearly explained in science by the principle that Matter can neither be created nor Destroyed.

Man`s existence is as a product of evolution.

Geological Scientists plus some other scientists have done recommendable work to explain this;Darwins theory of Natural selection explains that man developed from a single celled organism through a series of stages and that there has been a struggle for existence and this has led to the fit for organisms to continue living while the less favored or selected against have lost lives and eliminated from the population for example the Dinosaur population became extinct.

Findings from Radiometric dating from the Geologic Column establishes the chronological order in which various life forms first appeared on earth.This is clearly indicated as follow:

1-Single celled

2-Multi celled

3-Soft bodied







10-Homo Habilis

11-Homo Erectus

12-Homo Sapiens


This is a belief as claimed by christians as in the Bible that the world was created by a supernatural being called God

Creationism doctrine states that God created all life forms including man during a single,brief period known as "Creation Week"

We scientists strongly believe Dinosaurs and Human beings have walked the earth simultaneously,as did Gorillas and Trilobites.All animal "kinds" are the same ages,give or take afew days and we all pass through the same stages of growth and development.

The geologic column reveals to us that some species evolved in a steady but gradual manner where as others evolved more rapidly or became extinct for example the Dinosaur community and the speed of evolution is closely tied to external pressure exerted by the environment,by contrast sharks which lives in stable ocean environments have shown almost no evolutionary change in milions of years.

Creationists argue that even if one believes that all life forms evolved from a single cell or cells, a creater is necessary to explain the complexity of cellular life.This contradiction is answered by a famous scientist called Miller-Urey Experiments perfomed at the University of Chicago USA in 1953.

Stanley Miller and Harold Urey found out that Amino acids the building blocks of cell proteins form readily from a mixture of ammonia,Methane,Water and Hydrogen gas all of which are present in abundancy on the premordial earth.

Miller discovered that molecules of life naturally assemble themselves from afew basic,easily available ingridients and origin of life only required organic molecules,water and most importantly millions of years to develop.

In the late 1990,scientists discovered that life can occur in conditions previously thought to be completely inhospitable to Biological Systems such as in near boiling hydrothermal vents in ocean floor,or in poison methane ice etc.


- Its the planet on which we live.

-Has got a diameter of 7,925 Miles

-The earth revolves around the sun

-Its spherical shaped

-Its distance from the sun is approximately 93 Million miles.

-Its density is 5.5 density of water.

-Temperatures on this earth varies from place to place and we have got temperate areas,tropical,equatorial etc.

-Creationists acording to them calculate that God created Heaven and earth in the year 4004 B.C so according to them the earth is only 6000 years old by biblical chronology.

-Scientists through analysing of fossil records,nature of soil strata through using carbon dating have calculated the age of the earth at 5 Billion Years old while the Cosmos is 14 Billion years old.

-The earth is among other planets as in existence in the cosmos which is mentioned no where in religious circles.Other planets are Jupiter,Uranus,Saturn,Pluto,Mercury,Moon,Mars and Neptune and of all these in space its Jupiter which is the biggest.

Compiled by Bwambale Robert KUHA

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