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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Facts on Evolution


Evolution is a gradual accumulation of functional adaptations.For evolution to take place successfully there must be three essential items needed as indicated below:

1. Time

2. Genetic variety among the offspring

3. Mechanism of preserving only beneficial variation and such mechanism is called Natural or Cumulative selection which was first proposed by Scientist Charles Darwin in 1859

Facts on indoctrination and Dogmatism

Psy chological Sanction is a moral term that is used for the purpose of psychological intimidation which is intended to motivate compliance with rules.

A Physical function ,if successful causes the emotion of guilt,a man motivated by guilt is a man with a broken spirit and in this case he or she will obey the rules without question.

Religion has played a vital role in creating a sense of guilt in people to motivate them to obey the gods rules so it was necessary for christianity and other religions to provide the missing evaluative link between the thought of disobeying God and the experience of guilt and to be smart this gap was filled nicely by the concept of sin.

"sin" is perhaps the most effective sanction ever invented and for christians to sin is the worst thing imaginable and the thought of commiting a sin can cause intense guilt.

Friederich Nietzsche attacked Christianity basing on their constant use of the phrase "SIN"he Writes "......... that form par excellence of hte self violation of man,was invented to make science,culture,every kind of elevation and nobility of mans impossible;the Priest rules through the invention of sin".

This is the process of thinking about things in a logical way.It involves using the mind ie using ones brain as a major tool in bringing out solutions.

This lays a major foundation to Rationalists of which we as humanists belong as well.Reasoning enables man to identify and integrate the facts of reality BUT man`s reason does not function automatically;it requires the choice to exert mental effort,to actively focus on ones mind.

Rationalists deal with facts,with what is true and avoiding what we think are not true.We come to the limelight and bring every thing in the open and make it known publically.We are even willing to sacrifice the judgement of our minds to the desires and demands of other people.

Intellectually,every man is independent of himself.there is intellectual independence at work and the willingness to assume responsibility for one`s beliefs,choices and actions.


This is a term that means acting without critical deliberation and acting without regard for the natural consequencies of ones actions,acting because it is demanded of one by an Authority.

- Faith is a simple matter of conformity.

- With faith at work there is no chance for one to ask questions or reasoning for that matter.

- The acts of faith are united by their submission to an Authoritative Moral Code.

- It should also be noted that when theologians speaks of faith in God,they mean that Devine Rules must be obeyed without Question.

The man who seeks for truth calls on REASONING; The man who seeks Conformity calls on FAITH.

Note: A Moral independence entirely relies on reasoning while a morality of disobedience relies on faith.


Homo Sapiens,the species man belongs to.....

Kasese United Humanist Association Wishes you the very best as you read the above scientific and philosophical facts......

Working for the Betterment of Humanity


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