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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Benefits of our proposed Book Library Project

1.Members will be able to access knowledge on humanism ,freethinking and skeptical information.

2.The stocked readable materials will be read by so many people as the literature is going to be permanent in the library.

3.Members plus the general public in our community will benefit from other library services to be offered like printing ,scanning ,photo coping ,laminating and duplicating documents.

4.Computer section part of the library will have a computer room and at a later stage we hope to connect the computers to the internet which is so important in this era of information age.

5.The entire student community in and around kasese area will be able to utilize this library facility for their revision ,reference and research purposes .Kasese area has got many Primary schools,secondary schools and higher institutions of higher learning plus elite community .We expect to be busy in holidays as the student community during this time will find it a necessary meeting point.

6.The knowledge attained from our library will be a major tool for publicity and in boosting people and our members to fight against Ignorance ,Poverty and Disease which has kept our people backward up to this time and age.

              working for the betterment of Humanity

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